Florida SunCoast Orchids
Florida SunCoast Orchids stands for orchid quality, variety and commitment. We have an active hybridizing program and offer many exciting intergeneric crosses. We specialize in growing Cattleya and Encyclia hybrids and we also grow a large number of Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Vanda and Phalaenopsis orchids.
Our Orchids for Sale
Our specialty is the cattleya alliance including cattleyas, laelias, brassavolas, broughtonias, encyclias, schomburgkias and more though we offer many different types of orchids for sale.

Growing Cattleyas

Want a Particular Plant Not Listed on Website?

Did you want to buy a particular plant from us? Use this ‘FAKE’ plant and price below. We will make the adjustment and charge accordingly. Please put in your address, phone and credit card info on this secure payment site. We will adjust and email you a corrected invoice with credit card confirmation.

Payment and Shipping Information. We currently accept Visa and MasterCard as payment for your orchid orders. Orders can be placed directly on the website, by calling our greenhouse (941) 322-8777 or by email. Shipping charges are based on Priority Mail from the US Post Office and are charged as exact costs. We do add a nominal box and packing charge, usually not more than $5.00 per order. We ship to locations in the United States with the exception of Alaska, Arizona, California and Hawaii. We do not have the special permits required to ship to these states. We do NOT ship during cold weather, except within Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi, and strictly at buyer’s risk.
Our Greenhouse
We grow our beauties in 10,000 square feet of growing space in three gutter connected greenhouses built on agricultural land near Myakka City, not far from Sarasota.

Tour the Greenhouse. Our greenhouse is open by appointment only. Contact us if you would like to drop by and see some beautiful orchids.

Groups are Welcome. We welcome greenhouse tours by orchid societies and garden clubs. Contact us if you would like to schedule a trip to the orchid nursery.
Orchid Shows and Lectures
Florida SunCoast Orchids has several opportunities throughout the year to participate in shows and special sales as well as lecture orchid societies and garden groups about orchids. We regularly bring orchids for sale to the local markets. We have links to the various venues on our events page. We hope to see you there!
Our Awarded Plants and Show Exhibits
Awarded Plants. We enjoy our hybridizing efforts and the American Orchid Society has rewarded us with awards. We have pictures of our awarded beauties in our awards gallery.

Show Exhibits. We enjoy putting in exhibits at the orchid society shows. We have pictures of some of our exhibts in our exhibits gallery.
Growing Orchids
We like to share our orchid growing tips. We have our own orchid culture guidance as well as many links to lots of good growing information. Check out the culture pages.
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