We enjoying talking to people about growing orchids and are glad to give talks to orchid societies and garden clubs. All of the programs are in Microsoft PowerPoint and are about 45 to 55 minutes long. We will bring plants for sale. In order to make the presentation for your group we need the following:

  • Digital projector with Laptop able to run MS 2007 PowerPoint from a thumb drive.

  • Lecture fee is $300.

  • Blooming plants may be purchased for your raffle, $12-$20 each depending on pot size.

  • Non-blooming raffle orchids may be purchased for a nominal fee, $6-12 and up. We cannot provide free plants to clubs.

  • If the location is more than a couple of hours from my home, I would appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to put me up for the night.

Here is a description of our lectures:

  • Hybridizing Our Orchids - A great and interesting talk about how orchid hybrids are made and what it takes to see them through to flowering. Includes a demonstration of deflasking orchids with seedlings given to club members for a competition grow.

  • To Feed... or Not to Feed - A very interesting Fertilizer 101 presentation, that includes an introduction to orchid fertilization along with some common misconceptions.

  • A Few Encyclias to Enjoy - A good introduction to the encyclia species that are easily grown in Florida and some of their notable hybrids. Probably the best program for species identification and includes many good hybrids with those species that do well for us here.

  • Summertime and the Growin' is Easy - Lots of pictures showing different ways to grow orchids outside in the summer, even if you're not home over the summer. This is more for south Florida folks, and those who go back north over the summer.

  • What's Wrong with this Picture? - An informative refresher course on the pests and problems plaguing orchid plants and what to do about them, for beginner to intermediate level orchid growers.

  • 2011 World Orchid Conference Singapore / Thailand - A photodocumentary of the Singapore World Orchid Conference with a side travelogue of Thailand.

  • What’s a Good Orchid to Grow - Basic information on different orchid groups oriented to the beginning orchid grower (What’s a Cattleya and how do I grow it, etc.)


Short Bio

Jim has been growing orchids over 25 years in climates ranging from cold Minnesota to hot SW Florida. In 2001, he amoved to Florida with a small collection of plants and the dream of operating an orchid nursery became a reality. He grows his beauties in three gutter connected greenhouses encompassing 10,000 square feet of growing space. As always, he strives to grow and sell the best quality orchid plants and to build a lasting reputation in the industry as one of the very best.