Orchid Growing Tips
image Tips for Growing Healthy & Beautiful Orchids
Orchids sometimes require specialized care, but many varieties can be grown in a typical home without special conditions. We've provided some special growing tips oriented to southwest Florida growers for some of the more popular varieties of orchids. But, most of these tips are really good advice for the rest of the USA too.
image Cattleya
Cattleyas provide great color for windowsills and other areas, inside or outside, if given enough light. Depending on type, certain compact cattleyas may bloom one, two, or possibly three times each year, and last several weeks on a semi-sunny indoor windowsill, shaded outside a home, or hanging in a tree. Our orchids are blooming size and may just have been repotted, so don’t repot unless absolutely necessary. Depending on how long your flowers were open when you got it, your flowers may come off in a few days or a few weeks. This is normal. Grow the plant well and it will flower again.
image Miniature & Compact Dendrobium Orchids
The phalaenopsis type dendrobiums are easy to grow and hold their blooms for about 2 months. Your dendrobium orchid can bloom for many weeks or months if you use these simple suggestions. Most of our plants do not need to be repotted for several years. Ask if you are unsure.
image Vandas
If you really like to baby your orchids, vandas may be for you. They require copious amounts of light, water, fertilizer and air to thrive and bloom their best. They resent cold weather though, so you'll have to have a nice bright winter spot for them where you can tend to their needs.
image Phalaenopsis
Phalaenopsis orchids are widely available and come in a dazzling array of colors. They are good orchids for beginners. They are easily grown in the home with a culture very similar to african violets. They love morning sun and a slightly water retentive potting mix. They will hold their blooms for three of four months. Then it's time to cut the spike, repot and let the plant gather its strength for next year's blooms.
image Orchid Pests and Diseases
The St. Augustine Orchid Society website contains a lot of information on orchid pests and diseases to assist you in diagnosing problems. There are pages of pictures of problems along with tips on control and prevention.