Testimonials & Comments

The following are some comments from our previous clients.
I received my order Friday afternoon and spent Saturday potting the orchids. All the plants were in excellent shape and all the seedlings were good size. I put them in 4 and 5 inch pots. I certainly felt that I received an excellent value for my money. The bonus plants were a very pleasant surprise! Thank you for an excellent selection of hybrids and species.
Sheldon in Kansas
Thanks Jim, already got my orchid delivered! GREAT looking stock.
I received your shipment of plants today and they are beautiful and healthy, thank you very much.
I received the orchids today. It was like Christmas opening them up to see what they were. All 11 looked great. Thanks for the gift orchid.
I received my plants today and I want to let you know that they are in great condition, I am most happy with all of them. The selection is terrific, and thank you so much for the gift. I'm looking forward to seeing the blooms.
I don't ever think I got back to you to say thank you for delivering the orchid to my parents. It was quite a surprise to them. They had no idea that some orchids are fragrant and it took them a while to realize the orchid was what smelled so nice. I know it was an extremely busy time for you and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it.
Tigger in Florida
Thank you so very much for those beautiful orchids! Love the new hybrid you sent us as a gift! Also appreciate the letter you have thoroughly handwritten telling me how to care for the plants step by step. Know you are a blessing.
Raquel in Florida
The orchids arrived yesterday...perfectly! They are beautiful! I have unwrapped them and put them on my sunporch. Thank you so much. I know he's going to love them!
Angela from Florida
You have an excellent variety. I think you are the best of all in orchids selection and presentation when you come to our meetings. Congratulations.
Maria in Florida
Hi Jim, I just wanted to send you a thank you for speaking at the Englewood Orchid Society meeting last Monday. You are so knowledgeable in all aspects of orchid growing. Besides the fact that you are a really nice guy. Everyone really enjoyed having you with us. I look forward to having you speak for us in the future.
Jana in Florida
Just wanted you to know Mom received the gift a few days after the order and she was just blown away. I really appreciate you taking the time to put it together. Thank you very much.
Bob in New Mexico
All I can say is wow. I thought in this day and age with the internet that customer service was dead. You have restored my faith that there are companies out there that care, not just about sales but about the customer. I look forward to doing business with you again and will highly recommend your company to everyone. Thank you so much for helping making my wife's birthday special.
Lew in Florida
My order arrived and I am just so happy. Thanks so much. I will be ordering again from you. Thanks for the extra plant.
Liz in Louisiana